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The Fear Factor

Fear at best is an emotion that is trying to keep us safe, however, more often than not, fear is a perception problem keeping us stuck. This is why some people say that FEAR is an acronym that stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real.” I have a revised and helpful version of an acronym below that will help you deconstruct and stand up to your fears!

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Are you intimately connected and aware of your triggers? There is a great quote that says that "triggers are the guides."Most people assume that triggers are bad, however, they are opportunities to stay sharp and on top of your healing.When you are triggered, you have a choice. You can either react, respond, or numb out. REACTION is usually knee jerk. There is not much thought behind it, it is automatic, it is impulsive, and usually destructive. RESPONSES are more thoughtful, intentional, wise, learned behavior, and practiced. They take time to develop, and usually lead to long term happiness and success. NUMBING out is basically shutting down and not having a response at all. This can feel very helpless, hopeless, and put you into victim mode. 

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There has been a lot of talk lately about change. New seasons, new phases of life, and stepping into new versions of ourselves. Yet change can be terrifying, uncomfortable and most of all unfamiliar. We love to stay comfortable and stagnant because it is EASIER than the alternative, even though change is what we are REALLY wanting. So how do we create change, if we are feeling scared, awkward, confused and helpless? Here are some tips to help you create change in your life.

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