I am one of those people that needs to hear things SEVERAL times, before I am able to have awareness around a situation.

Perhaps it's because I am naturally inquisitive and always want to know more, or perhaps it's because I am stubborn 🤣.

Either way, I have learned, that nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know!

I recently had a funny realization.

I was fighting against myself, stuck in frustration, and not getting the changes that I wanted.

You know why?

Because I was dead set on being RIGHT, doing things on my TIMELINE and in my own WAY.

Guess what, that is not how it works.

There is a reason that we are feeling stuck, because we haven't yet learned what we need to learn.

Whenever you are being faced with a situation that won't go away, ask yourself these questions.

*Have I been in this situation before?
*What did I learn that time?
*What was my experience last time?
*How did I get through it in the past?
*What resistance or challenges came up in the past when faced with this situation?
*What resources (people, places, things, knowledge, character traits, values, etc.) do I need to get through it this time?
*How can I practice embodying these resources to do something a little differently this time?

Spend some time today reflecting on your areas of stuckness, and journal about the above questions.

This practice will hopefully help you find some room for growth and change in your situation.