Feel Your Feelings

I know that it's difficult to do, however, you MUST MUST MUST feel your feelings. ⠀

Trust me, I'm a professional #lol

But in all seriousness, your emotions are trying to communicate with you.⠀


We try so hard to escape, drown out, push down, run away from, and numb out from them. 

Why? They are trying to HELP.

Feelings are our primitive response mechanism.

At one point in evolution, they saved our lives. So it is vital that we learn to tolerate and transform them for our highest good. ⠀

There is no escaping this fact! At least not in a long term SUSTAINABLE or HEALTHY manner.⠀

And isn't that what we all want? Long Term and Sustainable Health?

You have to ask yourself, what is the worst part about feeling a feeling? Afterall, no one has ever died of feeling feelings/emotions. They have only FELT like they were going to die.

How have I gotten through this in the past? ⠀
Who can support me through this? ⠀
What do I need to resolve this discomfort (EVEN if I can't get that need met, identify what it is and get creative in getting some other version of it)? ⠀
What lessons are available to me in this challenge? ⠀
What is possible for me on the other side of this discomfort?⠀
Who will I be, and what will I have when I am on the other side of this discomfort?

Learning to feel your feelings has incredible power in it.⠀

Start incrementally tolerating more and more feelings, little by little. 

PRACTICE various tips and skills to build mindfulness, patience and tolerance. 

Practice is where the magic is at!!! 

Start to get CURIOUS about what your feelings and emotions are trying to tell you.⠀