Healing happens in relationships.
Start by strengthening the relationship to yourself and watch the ripple effects unfold.
— ilona varo

Psychotherapy - vs - Coaching … What would best suit your needs?

THERAPY is a deeply introspective journey that looks at interpersonal relationships, relational history, traumas, and identifies maladaptive or destructive coping patterns. Therapy is for the individual who continues to recreate patterns in their life which gets in the way of occupational, relational and personal success. Therapy facilitates deep insight into why you are the way you are, and encourages compassionate understanding rather than criticism. It is non-judgmental, focuses on self-efficacy and works toward healing parts of yourself that have been shut-down, blocked, or overly activated due to life circumstances. Therapy helps restore balance to mental, physical, and emotional ways of being, so that you can function to your highest capabilities.

COACHING focuses more on individual progress, highlighting strengths and helps re-wire thinking patterns that keep you stuck. Coaching varies from psychotherapy in that it is more fast-paced, quicker to be action oriented, and for those who already have done work on themselves in regards to core wounds, stuckness, strengths, and weaknesses. Coaching does not address underlying mental health conditions or diagnosis that are included in the DSM-V. Coaching tends to be more short-term, highly focused, directive and externally goal oriented. It is for the perfectionist, high-achiever, and self-motivator, who is relatively high functioning in areas of life, yet is still somehow getting in their own way.